Transit Services

Springfield City Area Transit offers services throughout the City of Springfield, Monday through Friday beginning at 6:40 AM and ending at 6:40 PM. Transit services include:

Fixed-route: Large buses that travel throughout the city on designated routes with established route timepoints.

Dial-A-Ride: Select "curb to curb" service that operates by appointment. This service does not require certification and is open to the public. Current cost for Dial-A-Ride service is $4.00 per person, one way.

ADA Paratransit: Select "curb to curb" service specifically designated for persons with disabilities that prevent them from using fixed-route service. ADA paratransit service requires pre-certification (contact SCAT at 328-3597 for details). Current cost for ADA paratransit service begins at $2.00 per person, depending on route zones travelled. Your SCAT Customer Service Agent can give you an accurate cost when you call to book your trip. Visit SCAT's website at