Tips For A Successful Carpool


Want to get the most out of your carpool? Make the experience even more rewarding with a few basic tips?

Seven steps to make your carpool successful:

  • Set guidelines ahead of time. By agreeing on driving arrangements, eating, smoking, music, etc., you can avoid misunderstandings.
  • Set monthly driving schedules in advance. Stick to the schedule and guidelines you determine with your carpool mates.
  • Be punctual. This is equally important, whether you are a passenger or the driver. Tell your carpool partners about vacatioin plans in advance.
  • Keep your car clean and maintained.
  • Drive safely--even more so than you would if you were driving alone.
  • Be considerate of other carpoolers. While some people enjoy energetic morning conversation, others may prefer quiet time.
  • Enjoy the time you spend in the carpool. It's a good opportunity to make friendships.