Air Quality Forecasts and Alerts

EnviroFlash is an online tool that sends air quality forecasts and Air Pollution Advisory Day alerts directly to a subscriber's email. The program is a partnership between Clark County-Springfield TCC, RAPCA, and U.S. EPA.

Air quality affects how we live and breathe. Like the weather, it can change from day to day. The Air Quality Index (AQI) is a color-coded system that classifies air quality from Good to Hazardous. Air Pollution Advisory Alerts are issued when air quality levels over a large area are expected to reach the category Unhealthy for Sensitive Groups, or Orange on the AQI, for multiple days.

When Air Pollution Action Days occur, RAPCA notifies Clark County-Springfield TCC about the potential health risks of pollution and take actions to reduce emissions. Area residents are alerted via local media such as WHIO-TV. Clark County-Springfield TCC also sponsors Air Pollution Advisory Alerts that appear on the front page of Springfield News-Sun on designated AQ days. You may also sign up for free Air Pollution Advisory Alerts via email or on your phone.