Breathe Easy. $ave Easy

Let's take action now and start making a difference in our neighborhoods! Below is a list of some actions YOU can take at home to improve air quality locally and save money.

Take public transportation - Springfield City Area Transit
Savings: Up to $975 per month
Fact: Commuting by public transit reduces your carbon emissions by 20 lbs. per day, 4,800 lbs. per year. Calculate your individual savings here.

Rideshare, walk, or bike.
Savings: Up to $1,400+ a year
Fact: Carpooling just 20 miles round-trip daily, 3 days a week can reduce emissions by more than 70 lbs. per year.

Set your water heater thermostat to 120 degrees or lower.
Savings: Up to $400+ a year
Fact: Next to heating and cooling, the water heater is the second highest energy user in homes. (U.S. EPA)

Seal cracks, gaps, leaks in heating and cooling ducts & add insulation to your home.
Savings: Up to $190 a year
Fact: Proper sealing and insulation can save up to 20% on home heating and cooling costs.

Install and properly set a programmable thermostat.
Savings: Up to $180 a year
Fact: Nearly half of home energy bills go to heating and cooling costs. (

Replace old refrigerator with an ENERGY STAR® refigerator in home.
Savings: $100 a year
Fact: Refrigerators use more energy than any other appliance in your home. ENERGY STAR® qualified refrigerators use about half the energy of a 10-year old conventional model. (

Replace the five most frequently used light fixtures and bulbs with ENERGY STAR® qualified products.
Savings: Up to $70 a year
Fact: ENERGY STAR® rated lighting uses about 75% less energy than standard lighting and lasts from 10-15 times longer. (U.S. EPA)

Unplug electronics when not in use.
Savings: $15 a year
Fact: Nationwide, the total electricity consumed by electronics while idle equals the annual output of 12 power plants. (U.S. EPA)

Keep your engine properly tuned and your tires properly inflated.
Savings: $119 a year (Based on 10,000 miles at $3.75/gallon)
Fact: A properly tuned engine and properly inflated tires increases your fuel economy by up to 7%. (U.S. Department of Energy)

Check back for more information on your local air quality and find more money-saving, clean air tips at
Savings: Breathe Easy!
Fact: Just like the weather, our air quality is forecasted every day. The daily air quality is assigned a category with a corresponding color.

More Tips to Reduce Air Pollution and Save Money...

  • Purchase environmentally friendly household products such as natural cleaners.
  • Switch to reusable grocery bags and water bottles.
  • Use a charcoal chimney instead of lighter fluid when grilling.
  • Do not burn leaves and other yard waste.
  • Do not use gas-powered equipment or fire pits on Air Pollution Action Days.