Air Pollution Advisory Days

What is an Air Pollution Action Day?
Each day, air quality is collected from a network or air monitoring stations located throughout the region. An Air Pollution Advisory Alert is issued when data from these monitors, along with weather conditions, indicate the potential for widespread ozone or particulate matter levels at or above the Orange--"Unhealthy for Sensitive Groups" category on the Air Quality Index for multiple days.

How do We Know When it is An Air Pollution Advisory Day?
Local media sources such as WHIO-TV and Springfield News-Sun will be notified to report the Air Pollution Advisory message through regional television, radio, and newspapers. Partners are notified the afternoon prior to an Air Pollution Advisory Day in order to inform all AQ partners. An Air Pollution Advisory Alert notice will also appear on the front page of the Springfield News-Sun daily paper ont he day of the advisory declaration.

In addition, registered subscribers to the EnviroFlash system will receive notification of all Air Pollution Advisory Days via email. Area residents are also alerted so they will know when to take necessary precaution to protect their health and to take action to further reduce contributions to air pollution.

Air quality affects how we live and breathe. Like the weather, it can change from day to day. The Air Quality Index (AQI) is a color-coded system that classifies air quality from Good to Hazardous. Air Pollution Advisory Alerts are issued when air quality levels over a large area are expected to reach the category Unhealthy for Sensitive Groups, or Orange on the AQI, for multiple days.