Transportation Improvement Program

FY2018-2021 TIP Amendments

Number TCC Resolution Project Action Date Amended
1 2017-K Various projects - funding moved forward from FY2017 Programming Modifications


2 2017-P CLA-Trail Maintenance Funding Modification 9/8/2017
CLA-Trail Maintenance Ph. 2 Cancelled/funds moved to PID 99562 9/8/2017
CLA-Bechtle 0.57 Funding Modification 9/8/2017
3 2017-T Transit OTP3 Awards Funding/Programming Modifications


4 2017-U CLA-SR72 Scope change 12/8/2017
CLA-Navistar/GM/Wheeler Add project/funding to current TIP
Transit Vehicle purchase
5 2018-P CLA-New Carlisle Trail Signs Project cancelled 9/14/2018
CLA-Yellow Springs St. Resurf Project cancelled
CLA-Main/Western Signal Upgrade Add project/funding to current TIP
6 2018-Z Transit FTA Section 5310 awarded projects







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